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Berkshire Hathway strikes gold; Investment in Apple Inc worth $50 Billion

Berkshire Hathway’s stake in Apple is now worth $50 billion. Apple Inc. is the most valuable company in the portfolio of Berkshire Hathway. Data compiled by Bloomberg shows that now Berkshire Hathway is the third largest shareholder in Apple Inc. Behind Vanguard and Blackrock. Berkshire Hathway had bought 246.5 million shares of Apple, which they haven’t bought or sold much of the shares since then, these shares are now worth more than $50 billion dollars, making it the most valuable slice of any company  Warren Buffet has ever invested.

The recent filing by Berkshire Hathway indicated that they have increased their stake in Apple Inc by more than 15 million shares in this quarter. Throughout April Apple’s stock value was going down as a result of soft iPhone demand speculation made by an analyst. Warren Buffet told in an interview with CNBC, that he would love to own 100% shares of Apple Inc, as he liked their management, the way they think and act.

Berkshire Hatheway first disclosed its stake with Apple in 2016 and subsequent buying of more Apple shares has increased Apple’s stock price. He also purchased an additional stake amid growing speculation of how the company will use its growing stockpile. Their second quarter’s earnings showed that their cash and cash earnings increased to $111.1 billion dollars in this quarter. Buffett in his recent shareholder letter complained that he was eager to buy more shares, but didn’t find companies with sensible purchasing prices, instead Buffett is happy to buy more Apple Inc shares.

Apple’s stock has continued to rise after Warren Buffett’s recent purchase. The stock hit $200 on August 1st, following which Apple became the most valuable company, also the first company to reach a trillion dollar valuation. Warren Buffett’s stake at Apple Inc is 5.1% of Apple’s share, according to the SEC filings recently released.