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Berrycast Review: A screen recorder app to supercharge your communications. Let it be to communicate with potential clients, produce product demos, obtain feedback, complete some training (for work or education). Berrycast is the easiest way to say something in person, online. With Berrycast be seen. be heard. be understood.

Berrycast is a screen recorder application, which helps users record and capture video and audio simultaneously. Users can hover the widget and start screen recording by using the record button and complete the recording through the done button.

Click Here to Buy Berrycast Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $59Berrycast Review

Berrycast provides a share box which allows users to send video by email or via links. The platform also offers a library of videos and lets individuals add passwords to videos, organize them in folders and download in MP4 versions.

  • Record your screen, camera, and audio at the same time to create impactful videos
  • Alternative to: Loom, Screencastify, and Vidyard
  • Take your tutorials, sales outreach, and internal presentations to the next level

Berrycast combines screen recording, internal and external audio recording, and cam recording to get as close to showcasing ideas in person as you can online. Explain complex concepts, create a detailed tutorial, or give a personal boost to your email communications with clients and customers.

Just record your video and share it in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or through your unique Berrycast URL to your customers or teammates. Berrycast requires no tech skills—just three clicks and you’re on your way to recording an awesome explainer or intro video.

Click Here to Buy Berrycast Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $59

Provide personalized updates on important projects to your clients or give them their own detailed tutorial for your product or platform. And when it comes to teaching, Berrycast excels in delivering full lessons, providing assignment solutions and explanations, and offering visual and verbal feedback to students.

You can record video, audio, and your screen at the same time, replicating in-person presentations in a socially-distanced era. Clear up confusion and increase productivity with dynamic visuals and sound that you can share with your teammates, send to clients, and more!

Berrycast Features


Calendar Management
Contact Management
Content Management
Discussion Boards
Document Management
Project Management
Real Time Editing
Task Management
Version Control
Video Conferencing


Sometimes you just need the visual element and human touch that comes with showing off your screen. Now, you can improve asynchronous communication and add flair to your online interactions with a user-friendly screen recording app that’s easy as pie.

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