Best free action games for iOS


There is no age barrier to play games on mobiles and here in this article you are planning to post the best action games for iOS, it means the games will support both iPhone and iPad. Follow the top action games for iOS which are given below :

Dead Trigger 2 :

Madfinger Games returns to the zombie apocalypse with Dead Trigger 2, a free-to-play first-person shooter. Blast your way through grotesquely detailed undead hordes as you engage in various missions for the human resistance. Outside of the single-player story campaign, players take part in a massive, worldwide cooperative effort, with their victories counting toward community goals and awards. Madfinger has been diligent in content updates, bringing players new weapons and maps, as well as a rebalance economy and an expanded campaign map to constantly keep the game fresh.

Dead Trigger 2

Injustice : God among usĀ 

Punch Quest is an endlessly entertaining way to kill your time. Essentially an infinite runner, Punch Quest has you barrel through your enemies with an endless barrage of jabs and upper cuts. As you smash your way through the opposition, you’ll earn points and achievements, which you can spend to customize your character with just about any absurd look you want. Smash through zombies, orcs and wraith, and have fun with bonus stages riding laser-spewing dinosaurs or cartwheels as a gnome.


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