Best international money transfer apps for iOS


This article provides the best international money transfer apps for iOS device which includes iPhone as well as iPad. If you wants to transfer funds to foreign countries then you can use any of the applications which are shared here. These apps are the best and which makes you to transfer the funds easily, quickly and in a secured manner. Follow the apps given below :

Currency Exchange Currency Fair :

This is one of best international money transfer app which supports both iOS and Android. By using this app users can easily exchange the money for free of cost. Its means you can download this application from the Apple App Store for free of cost. we can transfer to and from Australian dollar, Canada dollar, Euros, US dollars and many other country currencies.



This app provides pear to pear network of people wanting to exchange the currencies which cuts out the middle man so you can exchange the money instantly at rates well above bank and currency exchange bureau rates. In this application it is also possible that to beat the current market rate by placing an order for free at a rate you specify. Your order will be completed when someone wishes to transfer in the opposite direction at your inverse rate. This application is safe and secured by the Central Bank of Ireland and ASIC in Australia. Recently the application is also updated to latest version 1.01 which fixes all the bugs in previous version.

Latest version CurrencyFair app is available on Apple App Store for free of cost and this app supports both iPhone and iPad.

World Remit app :

World Remit is a UK-based company established in 2010, with funding of over 40M USD. The owner, Ismail Ahmed, is a veteran in the world of remittance, and the company’s focus is on global reachwhile maintaining reasonable costs.



The application of the company supports all the platforms including iOS, this allows you to make transactions you want and here there is no rubbish and unnecessary pyrotechnics, here the focus is straight forward based around the company’s strength. sending payments or remittance to a wide global audience quickly and easily, while paying less on currency exchanges that you would if you were to use the banks.

World remit app currently available on App Store and this app supports both iPhone and iPad. Interested candidates can get this application for free of cost.

TransferWise Money Transfer :

By using this application users can transfer funds abroad easily quickly and safely, actually banks charge hidden fees as well as exchange rate where as this application use real exchange rate which will be helpful for the students and business people.

TransferWise Money Transfer


This app is 90 percent cheaper than the bank and you can send money at lowest possible cost. Recently this application has updated to version 2.9 which brings some enhancements and improvements, added German language and with this update you will get notification once the transaction is completed.

TransferWise Money Transfer is available on App Store for free of cost and this app is designed for iPhone and iPad. Interested candidates can download it for App Store.

World First Money Transfer :

World First Money Transfer app is used to make international payments with in minutes, it means which is faster, cheaper and also easy way to do. There are many needful advantage where users can transfer to international accounts with in minutes and there will no hidden fee as some of the banks generally do.

Here you will find an options given below

  • payment tracker : which makes us to know the payment progress and status.
  • Currency Converter : Here you can calculate the currency exchange rates if necessary.
  • Live Exchange rates :  To get the real-time inter bank foreign exchange rates and it provides you the historical graphs.

World First Money Transfer app for iOS

This application is running on version 2.2 which fixes all previous bugs, Interested candidates can download this application from App Store for free of cost where this app supports both iPhone and iPad.

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