Best K-Dramas to Watch Right Now


Korean dramas, better known as K-Dramas are very popular these days. If you are not watching any of them, you’re missing out on so much stuff. You may think K-Dramas are a new sensation then you might be wrong. The Korean drama industry is some half a century old, the dramas just got popular globally a few years ago. The cultural awareness that these have created and the new array of stories and ideas these have given is just amazing.

The dramas are popular for their unique plots that can go from sweet to ‘what in the world was that’ in a heartbeat. The variety of storylines is one of the factors that keep the viewers hooked and coming back for more. If you are about to delve into this new sensation, keep reading this article. Check out this list of the best K-Dramas to watch online of all time.

best korean movies to watch

To keep up with intense plots and smooth streaming, use Windstream Internet. There won’t be any stopping your on-screen roller coaster ride. Contact Windstream customer service to know more about their budget-friendly plans. However, here is a list of some of the best K-Dramas that you can start watching right now.

  • Squid Game

If you didn’t watch this very famous show during the lockdown, you missed an opportunity. The show released September 2021 is all set to become Netflix’s most-watched show ever. Squid Game is about hundreds of contestants, buried in debt, who take part in a game show for which the prize money is 45.6 billion won. Nevertheless, this isn’t any ordinary game show.

The contestants don’t go home after being eliminated, they die. The participants who have understood the theme need to find a way to comprehend the game rules and qualify so that they don’t die. Squid Game has been given a green signal for a second season.

  • Under the Queen’s Umbrella

If you love watching Game of Thrones, The Crown, or The Great, you will love this show as well. Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a period drama about a group of people who are fighting for the throne. The main character is, well, the hot-tempered Queen Hwa Ryeong. She is trying her best to raise her sons into men who are fit to wear the crown when the time comes. She is trying her best to hold power by playing games with her family and those in her court. The visuals of this show are great. Along with this, the plot is captivating which makes it a great binge-watch.

  • The World of the Married

Released in 2020, the World of the Married is one of the highest-rated K-Dramas of recent times. The story is about a medical doctor whose seemingly perfect life is overturned after she learns of her husband’s extramarital affair. She is desperate to retaliate for this betrayal. But this action sets in motion a chain of back-and-forth actions between them as they both try to take revenge on each other.

The second last episode of the show scored 24.44% ratings, which was a record. But its final episode broke its record by getting 28.37% ratings which is an all-time high rating.

  • Drinking Solo

If you have or know someone who has taken a civil service exam, then you’ll relate to this drama a lot. Drinking Solo is about students and teachers who are preparing for the civil service exam. These exams in Korea are famous to be very tough. The show depicts the life and challenges of students and teachers associated with this. The show is set in a famous area that has academies that help in preparation for these exams.

Not just the students, but the difficulties in teachers’ lives are also shown who are making both ends meet. The main character is a woman who has graduated from an unknown university and is finding it hard to get a job. The other person who graduated from a famous university can even choose which academy he wants to teach in.

  • It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was released in 2020 and since then it has become very popular among the audience worldwide. The story seems like a fairy tale, and seriously, who doesn’t like fairy tales? The plot revolves around an empathetic healthcare worker who has a tragic past. She meets a children’s book author who happens to have a personality disorder.

The two starts getting closer. Moreover, as their relationship develops, their slow-burning romance helps them heal together and move on emotionally. New York Times also named this show as one of the best international shows of 2020. The audience also had positive reviews for this show as some were seen quoting that the show made them feel that they can overcome any uncertainty.


Now that you know some brilliant K-Dramas, get ready to binge-watch them. The amazing and unique plotlines will get a grip on you in no time. This is an entire universe that is waiting for you to explore it. So, make some time and get your laptops and popcorn ready to run a marathon of K-Dramas.

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