Bing and Yahoo planning to become default iOS search engine


Few days back Mozilla announced that they are dropping Google as there default Fire Fox browser in favor of Yahoo and now as per reports Bing and Yahoo aiming to became default iOS search engine as Google’s contract is set to expire in 2015.

This Default position has been held by Google since iPhone launch in 2007 and as per agreement made the default site of all the safari’s searches will be going to expire next year 2015 that’s the reason both Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo are both vying for the spot.

Actually these two Bing and Yahoo have been included as user selectable option these many years in the Apple Safari Browser. Now its good chance for these companies as Google is going to complete its contract as a default browser. Previously Apple has pulled the plug on Google in some of the iOS integration built in apps like Maps, Gmail and Youtube. this makes a sense that company have to change the new search provider. These two Bing and Yahoo search engine are the good competitors to the Google.

Yahoo CEO is trying hard to get this service from Apple and to make Yahoo as a default search engine for Safari. on the other hand Bing also serious trying to conquered that spot. It became very interesting who will get the chance to replace Google.

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