Black Friday Offer: FreshLMS Black Friday Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $99


FreshLMS is a platform that lets you create, customize, and sell your online courses, handling everything from landing pages to payment processing.

FreshLMS is best for Coaches or subject matter experts who want to earn income by selling their expertise.

Quickly upload and embed any video, audio file, or document in only a few clicks.

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FreshLMS lets you embed videos from popular players like YouTube and Wistia, and organizing your course is fast and intuitive.

You’ll be able to customize the look of every aspect of your course to make it stand it out in the crowd.

Add your own personal touch to the landing page, enrollment page, log in, and other aspects.

You’ll also get a custom domain for each course, giving you that professional credibility.

Of course, FreshLMS makes sure you get paid with Stripe and PayPal payment options to send the cash straight to your account.

FreshLMS doesn’t charge any payment fees either, so that’s more money in your pocket, every time.

Click Here to Buy FreshLMS Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $99

Other integrations include HubSpot, MailChimp, and Zapier, so you can increase your marketing outreach to all your new students.

Easily make quizzes with the intuitive built-in tools for FreshLMS, plus create long assessments and issue certifications for all those over-achievers (#gifted).

No coding is required at all. You’ll choose from easy-to-understand options to build tests in no time.

Meanwhile, analytics let you confirm payment status and revenue recorded, plus see which chapters students liked or disliked in the reports section.

Making a pizza isn’t just putting cheese on bread, and creating an online course doesn’t just mean adding a couple of videos to your website.

FreshLMS gives you complete control over your storefront, content, and payments to streamline the entire process, along with customization options to match your brand.

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