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SuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution that combines the most common business tools into a pre-integrated, white-label ready platform.

SuiteDash is best for Software-juggling sales departments and product managers looking for easy collaboration with clients and team members.

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When it comes to managing your business and clients, single-use tools present the same problem: a lot of hassle for very little functionality.

Each client only has access to their specific information, and you can post files and documents for them to view or download.

Adding contacts to the portal can be done manually or with a bulk import, as well as an embedded form to draw in new leads.

The Client Circles feature allows you to auto-assign permissions to any file or page, so only clients in a certain predetermined group will have access.

Your files are also organized by an insulated structure, meaning you won’t be crawling around a huge folder for a missing image like Velma looking for her glasses.

Click Here to Buy SuiteDash Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $79

You can use the same dashboard set up for as many clients as you like, and the information will adapt to show each client their unique data.

Now you can even create proposals to plan out your client projects and agree on a price, and proposals can be sent to different contacts and e-signed to fast-track communications.

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