Blink 2.0 app supports iOS 9


The of Blink app can generate the affiliate links with their iOS devices iPhone and iPad. The links which is generated in Blink app can be share to one or many friends through Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr and many. For example maybe you send links to the next book your book club is going to read.

Now this Blink app got updated to version 2.0 which brings a lot of features and tweaks. Here’s let us discuss what are the new things added in this updated Blink app.

  • Blink 2.0 version is supported by only iOS 9 and later version.
  • External Keyboard shortcuts.
  • iPad split screen multitasking on supported devices.
  • Multiple affiliate token support with nickname for easy management.
  • Users have ability to change this geo linking and music settings from Blinks extension through this application.

Blink 2.0

  • Edits the links with in Blinks extension.
  • Blink 2.0 is supported by iOS9 and later versions.
  • With in Blink extension users can view apps and its type including price information.
  • App users also view the price details of the books and music with in Blink and its extension.
  • It also supports Podcast app.

The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Currently this application is available on App Store and interested candidates can download this application with a price tag of $4.99.

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