Blockchain startup Shift seeks $200K from Apple in a lawsuit over Siri shortcuts logo


During the first day of WWDC Apple introduced a new Siri shortcut with iOS 12 which allows the user to automate certain tasks. In a lawsuit filed against Apple, a small tech company, Shift claims that Apple copied its logo for the Siri icon. Shift uses the blockchain technology to create websites and is asking Apple to wither “Stop infringing on our intellectual property” or pay $200K.

According to Shift, it will cost them around $200,000 to “rebrand using a world-class design firm.” The company takes issue with Apple copying its logo despite it being such a “design-oriented” company.

A representative from Shift said, “It’s mind-blowing that Apple, the firm with the biggest cash pile in history, the firm that is so design-oriented, had to copy our logo.”

Shift claims that the new Siri logo is causing a “confusion in the marketplace,” whereas the legal representative claims that customers have come to associate the logo with the Shift brand in a report to The Sun.

“Our client has spent and continues to spend substantial time and effort in advertising, and promoting its mark as the source of its downloadable application,” Shift’s legal representative wrote.

“Customers have come to recognize and associate the Shift trademark as the source of our client’s product. As a result, the Shift trademark has become an asset of substantial value and a symbol of our client’s goodwill.”

In the image at the top, one could clearly see that the two logos don’t appear to have any major similarity. This might be one of many publicity stunts that the companies known as ‘patent trolls’ pull off every now and then.

It is quite clear that Shift won’t receive the quoted amount or will Apple change the logo. Still, Shift says it is “hopeful” it will receive a payment from Apple because the company is such a “do-right-by-the-community-brand.”

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