Boost Review: Boost Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $49


Boost is a unique email list building tool that uses social network APIs to quickly create opt-in links so you can generate more leads. Grow your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links.

Boost is the best for Businesses who want to make it as simple as logging into a social account to join their email list.

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Boost gives you the ability to share your opt-in links anywhere—landing pages, social channels, and even offline with a QR code.


Boost eliminates this step by letting users opt-in with their existing social logins. And by removing barriers, they’ll be more likely to provide their information.

Creating an opt-in link is easy: simply paste your ultimate destination URL into Boost, then select the social network (or networks) you want to use to collect emails.

Email addresses are collected in the dashboard and the information is synced with your connected apps, making it easy to track opt-ins and set up campaigns.

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You can also share your opt-in links right on social media when you share a new product or announcement in a post and watch the opt-ins roll in.

Add a social sign-in button on your existing pages and link it to your designated Boost link so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Create accounts and dedicated login portals for your clients that feature their branding or your agency’s branding and let them view all the data gathered by the links.

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