Brainy HR Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $75.00


Brainy HR Review: Brainy HR – cloud-based all-in-one HR software

People management
Centralize information about employees (contacts, documents, notes, hobbies, etc.). We take care of company anniversaries and birthday notifications so that employees don’t get forgotten in special moments. You can also track employee equipment/licenses.

If you need any information you can simply ask employees and be sure that all answers are in one place.

Brainy HR Review
Leave management
Create different time-off policies: for medical leave, vacations, or other reasons.
You will see who is out today and this information can also be sent to the Slack channel.

Rewards and Recognition
The system gives you access to unique programs that drive employee engagement. Points are awarded for a wide range of employee activities.

Centralize data about staff, encourage employee involvement in the process of making decisions, measure the level of engagement, automate the leave process, reward employees for their hard work today!

Brainy HR Plans

    • Leave management

    • Onboarding/offboarding task lists

    • All employee data in one click

    • Rewards and Recognition

    • Surveys

    • Reports

    • Internal News

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