Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker and Yoga Basics app for iOS available for free


The Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker iOS app is developed by MyFitnessPal which is one of the great app for tracking food and exercise entry. Combine this with the Yoga Basic app with Tara Dale, and you can work toward obtaining or regaining that beach body look.

Generally, during holidays and festival seasons we will have a variety of rich and delicious food which lead us to put extra weight. Either way, many of us desire to start losing some extra weight in the beginning of the year so we are ready for coming spring and summer months. What better way to start than with using your iOS device for free apps. Not everyone will be hitting the ski slopes or cross-country, and walking/running outdoors. One of the best ways is you can prefer these apps which are available on Apple App Store for free of cost.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

The free app Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app for iOS devices offer a fast and easy way to count calories, you can track your diet and exercise in less than 5 minutes, and this app has a large food database (over 5,000,000 foods). If you enjoy cooking, you will be delighted in using their recipe importer, which allows you to visit any website and import and track it just by a single tap.

This app allows you to track all our major nutrients such as calories, fats, proteins, carbs, sugar, cholesterol and more. You can also set-up personalize goals, as well as goals recommended by doctors and nutritionist. This app also provides a chart to show your progress, as well as if you have an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or later version devices, then you can track steps and your overall calories burn. Just about every type of food you eat is recorded in the database, just scan the barcode, and you are able to track that item. You can also connect with friends, or meet new ones in the MyfitnessPal community.


Yoga basics with Tara Dale by MyYogaminute is also one on most great which is essential in our daily life. If you are new to yoga and want to start the new year off with trying a new style of workout, yoga might be it, or if you are already into yoga, but never tried this particular app, this could be the one. The soothing beach atmosphere with the water waves and large rocks, assist in giving you a gentle and slow-moving introduction in hatha yoga.

This app is designed to enlighten you on the foundation of yoga, focusing on basic poses and alignment, as well as understanding breathing and meditation. Both apps require iOS 8.0 or later, and both are compatible with the iPhone, iPads, and iPod touch. You can find both apps in the App Store under the category: Health & Fitness.

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