Camera+ for iOS Review


Camera+ is one of the oldest and widely renowned photo snapping and editing app in the App Store. It helps you take amazing pictures, add beautiful filters and has lots of tools to let you edit your photo to your liking. Camera+ has even got a lossless image format to make editing a lot easier.

Being one of the oldest and most used apps it is regularly updated at the App Store. The constant refinement and upgrades make the app a lot easier to use with each passing iteration. It has got features such as a stabilizer which takes a picture when it feels that you are holding the phone steady enough to take a nice picture. The manual controls are easy to use and let you take perfect photos at every moment you like.

The app does more than just let you take the pictures. It lets you post-process them right on your phone. The app has got a variety of filters and frames to choose from. Camera+ has also got a Lab feature which lets you fine-tune your photos with a variety of wheels and effects.

Features in The Lab include Clarity Pro, a tool that lets you adjust clarity and vibrancy with separate sliders. There are also tools to automatically straighten your image, add soft focus, adjust tint and duotone, add film grain, sharpen and blur your images and several more effects, all with precision sliders that make it easy to get the look you want. All of these tools come with an easy to use interface.

The new lossless file format, as well as the plethora of tools, have changed the humble app into a full fletched photo editing tool.

The only problem with the app is that unlike some other apps the filters and effects aren’t applied in the real time so you cannot see the effect until you snap the picture.

You can download the app from here. It costs just 249 Rupees.

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