CameraModes : Jailbreak easy to disable camera features


CameraModes is a Jailbreak Tweak which makes you easy to disable camera features, this CameraModes is useful to the users who are continuously using camera app modes like standard Photo and Video modes on consistent basis. The main purpose of this tweak is to disable the unused modes in order to simplify the camera application interface with user.


After installing this tweak, go to settings app there navigate the preference panel for CameraModes, Inside you will see Kill-switch and switches for the standard camera application modes where modes includes Time-lapse, Slo-mo, Video, Photo, Square, and Panorama.

In mode you can simply and easily enable or disable by pushing the switch in the tweaks preferences, but at least make sure that one mode mush be enabled or else Camera app will crush. Resprings are not at all required, but you nay need to force quit camera application for the changes to take place.

If you don’t like to play around with many of the modes available in the stock camera app then its good to have this Jailbreak tweak CameraModes. If you are interested you can get this Jailbreak Tweak CameraMode for free of charge on the bigboss repo.

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