Castro app receives a new update with exciting new features


Castro, one of the most popular podcast apps for iOS users. Mostly known for its unique triage system to place the new episodes in an inbox. The previous update enhanced the app with the trim silence feature that trims out the unnecessary silence without distorting the natural flow of the dialogue.

Recently Castro got its latest update to 3.1 version, this update has bestowed new features to the app. 

This new version offers the ability to sideload any audio files using the iCloud drive, which means to basically that you can add any DRM file to Castro folder in iCloud drive and make it appear directly in the Castro application. One more feature added is the ability to add things such as bonus episodes, audiobooks, directly to your queue in Castro application. 

This new version also allows using Castro’s queueing and playing features with any audio file. One can also use share sheets to copy Castro files from other locations in Castro and it will import them to the respective iCloud drive folder and later appear in sideloads.  

Chapter pre-selection feature is also added, this feature can be used to view the chapters of a podcast episode, where one can easily view the chapters present in the episode and skip the unwanted chapters. To use this feature, open the chapter skip screen after playing an episode with chapters, then tap on the chapter title play bar, each chapter will be displayed, select the chapters which are unwanted. 

Castro is a free app that can be downloaded from the app store. Sideloading support requires an in-app purchase as it is a feature of Castro plus. 


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