Chase announce over 1 million customers using Apple Pay


Chase announce that more that 1 million customers have provisioned their credit and / or debit cards for use with Apple Pay. The company also provided a look at the demographics of its Apple Pay users.

Chase card services CEO Eileen sierra says : customers who use Apple Pay tend to be young and have higher incomes, with 69 percent of their Chase card Apple Pay transactions credit based and also said that the financial company has seen good growth in the number of its customers provisioning their cards on Apple Pay. Those customers have been using their Chase cards through Apple Pay at the top five merchants 58 percent of the time, with all remaining merchants making up the remaining 42 percent.

Earlier a month ago the same statement given by the Bank of America, almost 800,000 of its customers have used Apple Pay. since the launch of this application the support from banks are adding day-to-day.

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