Chat Survey Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $199.00

Chat Survey Review: Chat Survey is a branded conversational survey platform for brands and agencies. Create chatbot-like surveys using your own logo, social media sites and URL. Surveys are too often exceedingly long and exceedingly boring to fill out, even though they are crucial for gathering decision-making data in many organizations.

Chat Survey uses the best of chatbot technology to create surveys that your customers will actually want to answer. You can create powerful surveys, choosing from 10+ types of questions. Add conditional logic functionality so users are displayed a different set of questions based on their answers.

Buy Chat Survey Lifetime Deal for $199.00
Chat Survey Review
Get Appsumo Chat Survey in the Deal for $199.00
And you can also embed Chat Survey on your website. It’s never been easier to increase engagement and collect valuable feedback with this powerful instrument in your toolbox.

Chat Survey

    • Unlimited surveys

    • Unlimited questions

    • Unlimited responses

    • One Branded URL for all of your surveys

    • Create and manage surveys at Chat Survey

    • Small talk and conditional logic

    • Export results

    • Embed survey or results on your website

    • Add your logo and links to social media sites

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