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Welcome to The Future, where our desks aren’t cluttered with bills, junk mail, and half-finished birthday cards we meant to mail months ago. (“15? 16? What’s the difference?”)

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Unlike people who ask if you’re ticklish, Nimbus Note respects your boundaries.

That’s why each workspace is isolated, with its own access permissions, branding, and third-party integrations.

Nimbus Note works with a revolutionary block editor for endless flexibility.

In addition to arranging text how you like it, you can embed files, audio, and video without ever missing a beat.

Nimbus tables will save you from clunky third-party solutions for simple tasks.

Each table can act as a lightweight spreadsheet or database, with the ability to create mixed tables with regular cells and database objects like attachments, ratings, and multiple-selects.

Need to visualize feedback on a new feature or project?

Use Nimbus Capture to record desktop videos with a live feed from your camera, plus make quick on-screen annotations and add screenshots.

Public pages on Nimbus allow you to publish information in a single note, or use the nested folder structure for more detailed projects.

Click Here to Buy Nimbus Note  Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $59

From there, you can build a closed information system for your team or customers without adding in additional members.

We’re way past the days when sticky notes were a viable method of organization or communication (but they still work for passive-aggressive messages!).

Nimbus Note Features

  • Lifetime access to Nimbus Productivity Suite Business Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • Stack up to 10 codes
  • Optional add-on package ($19.99/month): unlimited users, unlimited workspaces, 1 TB maximum, 20k OCR records/yr, CNAME, SMTP…
  • Optional add-on package continued: branded customer portal and subscription management (white-label)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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