How to check recent transactions on Apple Pay


Apple Pay is the mobile payment service, which not only makes it easy to purchase goods online and at stores, but also it maintains data of your purchases by tracking them. You can check out your recent transactions in Passbook, but it depends on whether your bank or credit card support it or not. Here is how to check that.

How to check recent transactions on Apple Pay

  • You need to download and open passbook app on iPad or iPhone which can be used with Apple Pay.
  • Here choose the card which you would like see the recent transactions.
  • Recent transactions from the card will appear below the card.
  • To see more transactions, tap on the info button present at the right bottom corner of the card.

It will only show only the transactions which you have done in last 24 hours, if not any transaction in 24 hours, then it will show the last transaction which you made.

How to check detailed Apple Pay transactions

As the above method shows you only transactions done with in 24 hours, you can also see detailed transaction details, but your credit card provider and bank has to support it. Here is how to.


  • Make sure Apple Pay is installed on your iPhone or iPad and then open settings app.
  • In settings tap on Passbook and Apple Pay. 
  • Now here choose the card which you would like to check the recent transactions
  • If your credit card or bank supports it, you can see the transactions in the main view.

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