Chevrolet brings first carplay vehicle


Many motor companies are planning to try the new feature carplay, but Chevrolet will be the first ever Carplay vehicle. Some sources found out that Chevrolet was going to bring CarPlay to 14 new vehicles of theirs in May. As per some site says that the automaker will be shipping their CarPlay-enabled cars from their production facilities.

The new cars that are of the 2016 Corvette Z06 series, will sport a 650 horsepower and with a standard price of $80k. The second vehicle to become CarPlay-enabled is the Vette which is available to get, this is after the Ferrari FF, due to its release last year.

As mentioned at the top of the post, that many jumped on the boat to support Carplay, however few cars or vehicles actually sport or made it to production. Though, if you want it, customers will have to buy the Corvette or Ferrari, or get an aftermarket stereo.

However, that is said to change, since Chevrolet will be introducing their 14 new vehicles with CarPlay-enabled in 2016.

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