How to clear space for iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad


iOS update is available for almost all the iOS users for now and millions of people have already download and installed the same. Well, but this update is not very easy to install for everyone using an iOS device, because the amount of space needed for iOS 8 to install is around 5.8 GB, which might not be available in all the devices.

So, you have cleared your photos, videos and a few more apps from the phone and still waiting for the enough space to be free on the device? Well, let me guide you with a few tips on how to clear space for iOS 8 on your iPhone and iPad.

So before you try and make efforts to clear the data on your device, you need to make sure if the update is compatible with your device. You are eligible to install iOS 8 update only if you own iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or Later and iPod touch 5th Generation or later.

So if your device is compatible with the latest iOS update, you can start worrying about emptying the space. Just delete all the apps which you think are not needed anymore. Once you have at least 4GB of free space on your device, you can proceed with the update, but in an another fashion.

How to Download and Install iOS 8 using iTunes

iTunes can be an alternative option for those who do not have as much as 5.8 GB of free space on their device. Just connect your device to the computer, open iTunes software, select the device on the iTunes Screen and then click on check for updates.

The notification popup will appear with the iOS 8 version details asking for your permission. Just select yes on that and it will start downloading the iOS on your computer.

Once the download process is over, you will be prompted to install that onto your device. Wait for the process to complete and you will see the welcome screen with iOS 8.

Congrats. Now you can start using iOS 8 and all the new features which come with it.

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