Colorburn : 1000 filters camera app available on App Store for free


Colorburn is one of the best camera app for iOS devices with more than a thousand filters where users have to choose from and a simple interface with advanced features. By using this application easily you can able to turn any picture of your life into cool-looking images. Its ingenious interface puts a screen full of vibrant filters across your images, letting you quickly scroll through them to find the right look.

Colorburn_camera app

Currently, this app is running on Version 2.1. With this latest version, the app is fully optimized for the new iPad Pro and offers a filter extension so you can edit your images within the context of the Photos app.

It is also possible to save your best filters into a Favorites section for faster access and crop or even you can frame the pictures with patterns to make your images more beautiful. This app has a split photography feature which allows you to take multiple images and merge them into one image with grid filters, which can be accessed through the 3:4 icon.

This is a universal iOS app which is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Right now this application is available on Apple App Store and interested candidates can get this app for free of cost.

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