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It was the year 2007 when Steve Jobs revealed the first iPhone and from then onwards we eagerly wait for Apple to release their new smartphone every year. Each year we got a new iPhone released in the month of September. It almost became a habit of Apple to present the new iPhone during that time of the year. It was 2013 when Apple released not one but two iPhones the 5s and the budget-oriented 5c. The next year we got the iPhone 6 and 6+. These iPhones were much bigger than the earlier models and were the first iPhones to break the 4” screen barrier. We became accustomed to a new iPhone every year, now with two size variants a 4.7” and a 5.5” one. This trend was broken when to everyone’s utter surprise Apple released the iPhone SE in 2016. It was the first Apple iPhone since 2013 to have a 4” screen. Apple had a new budget model for the people who wanted an iPhone at a bargain as it was a small version of the last year’s flagship with slight cut down in specs.

It is 2018 now and the iPhone SE has started to age up and since the day it was released people hoped that it might get a successor. When iPhone 8,8+ and X were released rumours about the new SE dubbed as iPhone SE 2018 started to go around. It was supposed to be a miniature version of the iPhone 7. People started to flood the web with speculations and rumours about specs and screen size became common. It was going to be the most powerful 4” device when it arrives.

A couple of days ago a Chinese website claimed to have knowledge of the new iPhone SE 2018 which might be released during the WWDC 2018 in a similar fashion to its predecessor. It is supposed to look exactly like the SE which was loved by everyone as it reminded them about the 5s which was extremely popular among the people. Even though it appears to be same, it won’t be anything like the SE. It is rumoured to have a 4.2” display which means if the phone has the same dimensions as the SE it would have thinner bezels. The home button would be present along with the headphone jack. It will feature the Apple A10 Fusion processor found in the iPhone 7 with 2 GB of Ram and run on iOS 12 out of the box. It would be basically a small form factor iPhone 7 without the taptic engine and 3D touch but it will still have the headphone jack.

The thing with rumours is that if one party claims something then almost every time somebody tells it’s not going to happen. 9 to 5 Mac claims that it would be a challenge for Apple to put a new 4.2-inch display on the device as they would need to make some alterations in the design to accommodate the screen. There would be a huge crowd at the WWDC 2018 waiting for the new SE if it happens.

Apple has caused a lot of stir by releasing three iPhones last year and the iPhone X failed to meet its expected sales figures and is supposedly going to be discontinued later this year. Would it be wise for Apple to release a fourth phone? Would people buy the slightly bigger SE or stick with their old SE or get its slightly bigger siblings? What are your thoughts?

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