Compound Governance Token (COMP) Listed on Poloniex

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Poloniex listing Compound Governance Token from 17th June 2020. Here is the official announcement from the exchange. “We’re excited to welcome Compound Governance Token (COMP) to Poloniex!”

Starting now, you can deposit COMP into your Poloniex account and post limit orders for COMP/USDT and COMP/ETH. Full trading will be enabled later today.

What is Compound?

Compound is a decentralized finance lending protocol built on Ethereum. The Compound Governance Token (COMP) is the native token of the Compound protocol and provides holders with the ability to participate in protocol governance. Stakeholders who possess at least 1% of COMP tokens in circulation can submit governance proposals; stakeholders with fewer tokens can vote on proposals, or delegate their votes to other members of the community to vote on their behalf. Compound is in the process of turning over development and control of the protocol to its users, and the introduction of COMP is an important step to fully decentralizing governance of the protocol.

If you would like to trade COMP crypto, signup on Poloniex and start trading now.

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