Confero : New jailbreak tweak


Confero is a new jail break tweak which is used to clean up the iPhone’s spring-board by deleting the red notifications badges. Usually these type of badges use to sit in right hand corner of the applications especially which has notifications pending. These pending notifications are to be eyesore.

Once you are done with installing this new jail break tweak Confero, you need to venture into the stock settings applications to configure its preference. The settings for the app are clean, intuitive, and just a little bit flashy. For better understanding watch the below video :

The main purpose of this tweak is to manage the notification badges to a separate entity, here Confero folder can be accessible via a tap on the Confero icon in the iPhone’s status bar. Even you can access this tweak by pairing it with an activator gesture in the tweak’s preferences.

If you open the Confero folder you can find the icon of every apps which has pending notifications, Suppose  you choose not to enable the so-called indeterminate badges which causes spherical share in favor of a much more incapable badge sans a number. The indeterminate badge will be seen in the Confero folder. This is the main complain with this tweaks, as per my view this tweak confero folder should have the option to, show full badge counts even while Indeterminate mode is active on the Springboard.

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