How to configure Mac for remote access with VNC


If you want to access your Mac desktop remotely, then only method of accessing is by enabling VNC access. This tutorial helps you how to configure your Mac device for remote access using VNC and can access your desktop from your PC, iPhone or iPad.

How to configure Mac for remote access with VNC

  • Go to system preferences > sharing on your Mac device and check on screen sharing checkbox.
  • Here add an authorized user, for this you need to click on icon in allow access for section and the available users will display here. Choose the user which you wish allow remote access.
  • In the next screen you will find VNC viewers may control screen with password and check on this box and enter a password here.
  • Create an account at, which offers IP updater client for Mac.
  • Login to go to your account at and here click on add host services.
  • Here enter a hostname and choose an available domain name and this act as a hostname to connect with VNC.
  • Next screen will display Dynamic DNS Host you selected and click on next.
  • On the next screen confirm your purchase and click on activate services.
  • On the next screen you will find your new hostname and your current IP address and then continue to next step.
  • Download DynDNS,com client and it run as a daemon and it updates IP address to your hostname at
  • In the app you downloaded, enter your login credentials.
  • Username you have created will display and click on username on left and check the checkbox Enable updating for this host.
  • Open network utility and choose your preferred network interface and copy the Mac address.
  • Go to airport utility>manual setup and then go to internet>DHCP and here click on icon to add new reservation.
  • Enter you Mac name and select Mac address radio button.
  • Here enter the Mac address which you have copied and click on done. 
  • In airport utility go to internet > NAT and select checkbox Enable NAT port Mapping protocol and then click on Configure port mappings.
  • You will not find any Apple remote desktop selection in the list and click on icon to add new allowed port mapping.
  • In the drop down choose apple remote desktop and enter private IP address of the device which you want to connect to.
  • In the next click on done and click on update on your router and this apply changes and restart the router.

Enter username and password on your VNC client and click on connect and now you can access you Mac from anywhere.

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