Craig Federighi Says Apple Intends to Address APFS Support for Fusion Drives ‘Very Soon’


Apple is preparing to share news on APFS support for Fusion Drives “very soon,”. Software engineering chief of Apple Craig Federighi told this to one reporter reader Jonathan in an email this afternoon.

Federighi shared the features of it after Jonathan sent him an email where he asked if whether or not APFS was still in the works for Fusion Drives. It also connects a hard drive with flash storage to give the rate of an SSD with the affordability of a usual hard drive. Fusion Drives are practised in iMacs and Mac mini machines.

Apple has said that the primary release of the software would not let Fusion Drives to be changed to APFS but then settled the APFS support that would be occurring at a later date.

After then, iMac and Mac mini owners having Fusion Drives have been anxiously waiting for Apple to execute support for the feature. But in the update after update there was no APFS support for Fusion Drives has actualized.

His statement implies that APFS will be computed as a feature in an upcoming software update. Perhaps the macOS 10.14 update that’s assumed to be revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

For those who are strange with the new Apple File System, it’s a more common file system than HFS+ and has been made for solid phase drives. It is safe and secure, giving crash protection, secure document saves, solid snapshots, reduced backups, powerful native encryption, and more.

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