CSources2 jailbreak app to manage, backup, restore cydia repos


CSources2 is a jailbreak application which allows you to manage and backup third party sources and makes you to toggle them off with out completely removing them. Once you downloaded this app and installed on your device. you will find a new icon on your home screen. Double click on it to open the application.

This design of this application is not most impressive, but as per performance this app workout enough. To add a new Source, tap the ‘+’ button in the upper left-hand corner, type in the source URL, and tap the Add It! button. Once the repo is added, you should see it appear in the list of sources.

Each source feature a dedicated switch toggle it on or off in Cydia. Once you toggle a switch or make any changes, tap the Apply button in the upper left-hand corner to apply the changes in Cydia. Just tap on the source to get additional information. Even you can insert notes which is easy for or describing the reason why the repo was added in the first place. now you have to open Cydia, and verifying that the sources that you toggled on or off have appeared or disappeared respectively. CSources2 completely eliminates the need to manage sources within Cydia.

By using this tweak even you can back up your sources to iCloud or include them with an iTunes backup and also browse the file system and backup the app’s plist file manually. It’s not very obvious, but the ‘i’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner is used for managing backups and performing restores. It’s also the place where you can learn more about CSources2’s general functionality. For more information just watch the video given below

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