Custom iPhone X models made of marble, alligator leather, or sapphire glass cost upto $10,000


A Parisian company Hadoro which specializes in high-priced elegant iPhone cases, custom iPhones and Apple Watchbands.

Today they have released a new list of custom iPhone X models selected from a variety of luxury elements.  They include wood, sapphire glass, carbon fibre, marble, and alligator leather set in anodized stainless steel frames.

It’s not reasonable to replace the complete casing of an iPhone with a new case made from high priced and rare materials. So these iPhones, priced at 4,500 to 8,900 euros are not created for the common Apple customer.

The most costly of the devices substitute the glass body of the iPhone X with a gold-plated frame wrapped in alligator leather finished with a diamond Apple logo. Whereas some of the extra extravagant options are built from anodized, gold plated stainless steel. They are covered with Karelian birch, got from a small forest in Finland.

There’s been a store for really high priced custom iPhone models. Hadoro isn’t the only vendor who sells crazy custom devices. Caviar is another producer which is known for producing iPhones from custom materials. It was recently debuted on the iPhone X Tesla, an iPhone inspired by Tesla vehicles that are capable of charging using solar power.

The iPhone X Tesla is rated at just over $4,600, and for that price, you get the aforesaid solar charger with shock repellent panel and a form carbon fibre frame. Caviar also has a variety of other custom iPhone X models for those exploring the most pompous designs available.

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