Muddy Mutts Mobile Dog Grooming Co-Owner Arrested for Battery on Elderly Neighbor


The co-owner of a Davenport dog grooming business, Muddy Mutts Mobile Dog Grooming, Lance Hayner, was arrested Thursday afternoon for Felony Battery on a person over 65. While engaged in an argument Hayner struck his neighbor with a bottle. When police arrive Hayner showed the police a video his wife had taken to prove he was innocent of using a weapon.

In an ironic twist of karma the Sheriff Deputy noticed that the video showed Hayner throwing the bottle that struck his neighbor. He was arrested and released the next day on $1000 bail.  He is facing a minimum 3 years and a fine not to exceed $10,000.

Lance Hayner
Lance Hayner, Co-Owner of Davenport dog grooming business, Muddy Mutts Mobile Dog Grooming

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  1. James Lister , I would like to reach out and share our side of story . State of Florida as dropped all charges that you have written about . Please let us know if you have any interest. Always two sides to a story .


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