Democrats ask Apple and Whatsapp for a helping hand in Trump-Russia investigation


The Russian interference in the 2016 US elections has left the democrats up in arms and two years hasn’t been enough for them to give up on it. The Trump-Russia investigation is still ripe as it ever was and the democrats are not waving the white flag any time soon. The democrats believe that Russia interfered to damage Hilary Clinton’s position in the public eye and to cause political instability. October 7, 2017 -the ODNI and the the Department of Homeland Security jointly stated that they were confident that Russia directed the hacking of emails to interfere with the US election.

Now, at their wits end, it appears the democrats are seeking help from Apple as they wish to investigate encrypted messages to aid them in the Trump-Russia investigation. The democrats have stated that if they win the House of Representatives and obtain subpoena power they would probably insist on Apple giving them the encrypted messaging apps downloaded records of “key individuals.” They are also targeting WhatsApp by using their subpoena power to obtain “messages exchanged between key witnesses of interest.” In particular, the democrats wish to know exactly what messaging services were used by Jared Kushner during the campaign and presidential transition. This could range from WhatsApp and iMessage to Snapchat and Instagram.

Apple refuses to personally comment on the situation and instead points at the company’s guidelines for cooperation with the law which states that Apple retains all records of messages and downloads and will serve them in court if they need to by court order

“The App Store is like any other store: If you’re using it, you’re probably leaving behind very detailed receipts.”

It should be noted that the democrats have only asked for download records from Apple and not messaging records. This is entirely based on if the democrats win the House of Representatives, this fall. Even if they do, getting Apple to comply will be a task in itself.

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