Do you really know about textile?


Textiles are the necessities of our daily life, and we couldn’t leave them everyday. They are various in formsshapes and colors, clothes, pants, socks, and even our underwear, from summer to winter, they are everywhere, they are just like our friends, accompany us through the whole yeah.

What consist of our apparel, we dress everyday, but do you really know about apparel? Apparel is composed of clothing fabric, accessories, packaging materials and other raw materials.

Fabric is what we must mention, We often refer to fiber material which is more than 1000 times larger than diameter and has only a certain amount of flexibility. The thickness and length of the fiber are the important factors that determine the handle of the fabric.

Then we will talk about yarn. Yarn is made of fiber with a certain strength fineness, and can be processed into any length of material, it is the basic unit of fabric. The thickness and length of the fiber are the important factors that determine the handle of the fabric. The coarse fiber makes the cloth a hard, straight, rough texture and has an anti-compression property. The fine fibers impart a soft, thin hand feel to the fabric. The longer the fiber, the more smooth the yarn will be, and less pilling.

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Do you have Do you have any trouble with clothes broken? I guess the answer will be Yes. After a period of time the clothes are worn and wash, we will find the phenomenon of color change and discolor, some of the clothes became very brittle, and the force was broken. What is the cause of these changes?

  1. 1.The clothes were bitten by insects or mouldy.
  2. 2.Some finishing agents, dyes and sunlight or water, produce hydrolysis and oxidation, and release the sulfuric acid when the sulfur dye is dyed so that the fibers of the cloth are brittle.
  3. 3.Chemical residues such as chlorine, hair oxidation, clothing fiber embrittlement.
  4. 4.The oxygen in the air is oxidized, so that the silk, the cloth, the chinlon chemical fiber cloth and the like are changed into yellow.
  5. 5.The finishing agent or the whitening agent changes, and the cloth is yellow.
  6. 6.Under the action of light or heat, the cloth turns yellow.
  7. 7.The color of the dye volatile coat is dimmed and faded.
  8. 8.The oxidation of the oil solution, or the color of the cloth in which the residual solution is evaporated, is light and discolored.

It can be seen that, in addition to the factors which can be avoided, such as worm-biting, moldy, chemical agent and dye difference, there are inevitable factors such as light, heat, water, air and the like, so that the clothes become brittle and color-changing, so that the clothes can be worn for a period of time to be old, and the old and the new degree are different.

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How do we know if we want to test the textile? Fabrics that must bear weight or withstand forces should be tested with a bursting strength tester, before they made into final products like truck covers, tarps, trampoline fabric, pool covers, compactor curtains, agricultural bagging applications and etc., to ensure the bursting strength meet the required requirement. There are many test methods like Constant speed bursting, Certain pressure bursting and Certain extension.

If you can’t get what you want, that’s not a problem, let me show you more, Pneumatic Bursting Tester, to determine the bursting pressure of fabrics using pneumatic test method, including knits, woven fabric, non-woven fabric, laminated fabric, and other craft-made fabric.

A test specimen is clamped over an expansive diaphragm by a circular clamping ring; increasing compressed air pressure is applied to the underside of the diaphragm, causing distension of the fabric until the test specimen bursts; the bursting strength and distension are determined. See this to get more about Pneumatic Bursting. 

Thank you so much for reading this, do you get what you want now?

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