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Drucker ranks Apple as second-best managed US company

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In its first-ever report, Drunker Institute has ranked Amazon, Apple, and Google on top of the best-managed US companies.

Drucker Institute has released its ranking for the best-managed companies in the United States of America and the report has ranked Apple on the second slot. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple is ranked behind just Amazon. The company has scored a few more points than Google. The other two companies included in the list of top 5 include Johnson & Johnson and IBM Corp. This is the first time that a report of US companies has been released on the ideas and principles of Peter Drucker, the renowned business guru.

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The ranking—compiled by the Drucker Institute, founded in 2007 to advance the ideals of the management sage—differs from other “best of” lists in that it doesn’t measure any single aspect of a company’s prowess, such as profits or productivity. Rather it takes a holistic approach, examining how well a business does in five areas that reflect Mr. Drucker’s core principles: customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility and financial strength.

According to the ranking, Amazon has scored 89 on 100 maximum points. Apple is second with 88.4 points, whereas, Alphabet Inc (which owns Google), has managed to score 86.7 points. Johnson & Johnson has 83.4 points and IBM has 80.7 points to rank at number 5 on the list. In the top 10 list, other companies are Proctor & Gamble Co. (79.5), Microsoft (79.5), 3M Co (78.8), Cisco Systems (77.8) and Nvidia (76.8).

Talking about Apple’s position in detail, it has got 4 stars each in customer, employee and social rating and 5 stars in innovation and finance.  Innovation seems to be one of the major criteria behind selecting these companies as 9 out of top 10 companies score a perfect 5 star in innovation factor. Another interesting finding is that the top 3 companies lack the social factor, whereas, the next 7 companies score perfect 5 stars on this factor. Amazon, the topmost company on the list could score just 2 stars on the social factor.

Let us know how you feel about these rankings and if you think this was a perfect parameter of ranking the companies.

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