Eddy Cue to be deposed in Apple vs Qualcomm


Last month 9to5mac reported that Apple CEO, Tim Cook might face deposition over Qualcomm patent royalties in June. Now, another high ranking official has also been added to the list. According to Bloomberg Eddy Cue can also be deposed in the case.

Apple was against this decision but San Diego Federal Judge Mitchell D. Dembin ultimately turned that down. The decision was made in the favor of Qualcomm and Cue was added to the list.

Apple cut off the license payments to Qualcomm and filed an antitrust lawsuit that accused the chipmaker of trying to monopolize the industry.

Last November, Apple argued that Cue wasn’t involved in the case as he only oversees services at the company. On the other hand, Qualcomm claimed that Cue was one of the lead negotiators when the original iPhone launched back in 2007.

The issue here is that Apple uses Qualcomm chips in the iPhones. As a part of the deal, Qualcomm received royalties for the parts. Apple recently claimed that Qualcomm is charging way too much for the parts. As per the deal, Qualcomm received a percentage of the money earned by the sale of an iPhone. This meant that for the same component Apple had to pay a different amount depending on the iPhone being sold.

Apple and Qualcomm have already agreed to schedule a deposition of CEO, Tim Cook in June. Other senior members such as Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, marketing head Phil Schiller, hardware technologies lead Johny Srouji, and former wireless software chief Isabel Mahe are also on the list.

Apple is already trying to reduce its dependency on Qualcomm modems and is working with Intel. It has plans to use the Intel Foundry program to make its own modems in the future. Rumors also suggest that the upcoming iPhones will exclusively use the modems manufactured by Intel.

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