Eddy Cue puts his lavish bungalow for sale!


Apple’s senior VP of internet software and services, Eddy Cue, has put up his vacation home in Truckee, Calif up for sale and the asking amount for the same is however $11.9 million, given the plush this bungalow is, asking price sits right for it.

The land on which the house is so constructed had been brought in 2010 for an amount of $1.2 million and the construction took 5 years to complete, i.e. the construction was finished on 2015. The adobe of luxury as one might term it is made up of stone, wood and large glass panes.

Needless to say the bungalow that houses a great chunk of luxury is as spacious on the inside as it looks from the outside and surely it has a lot of rooms for guests for eating, lounging and sleeping and truth be said, the master bedroom is bigger than many studio apartments.

The house stands 30 minutes away from Lake Tahoe, a weekend gateway for most people. Also surrounding the house is a Martis Camp, the development that has ski and golf. Also other facilities include spa and fitness centre.

Cue, is quite a prominent figure in the company who oversees the most prominent areas like the Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Pay and iCloud.

The sole reason however for his selling the house is maybe because he isn’t making much use of the same.

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