How to enable two-step verification for Apple ID


Generally Two-step verification is an additional security which is specially designed to prevent the access to your account if they know your password. Even Apple users can protect their Apple ID by using this feature two-step verification feature. In this article let us discuss about how to enable two-step verification for Apple ID and what all the thing can be protected with this verification.

The verification is required for following activities given below :

  • Login to My Apple ID to manage your account.
  • Make an iTunes, App Store, or iBooks Store purchase from a new device.
  • Get Apple ID related support from Apple.
  • Face Time.
  • iMessage.

These are the services that can be protected and some other parts of iCloud services which has to secure, hopefully in future we can expect the protection quickly and completely. If you’re having multiple Apple ID’s still you can set up two-step verification for both ID’s. You can do this by verifying an SMS-only device on the second ID. As always, you can use your recovery key if it is every unavailable or simply fails.

How to protect iCloud account with two-step verification 

To enable two-step verification, you must have the current password with 8 characters with one number and one capital letter. Follow the steps given below

  • Initially go to through any browser from Mac or PC.
  • Now sign in to the Apple ID that you like to enable two-step verification.
  • Navigate password and security in the left hand side and click on it.
  • Answer the security question you have previously setup and click on continue, if you don’t remember it you can reset it using backup email on file.
  • Under the two-step verification section, tap on the get started.
  • As long as you have a device linked to your iCloud account on hand, click Continue on the next screen.
  • Read next two screens about two-step verification.
  • After under standing the description they have mentioned in two screens, Click on the Get Started.
  • Now you have to enter your Phone number to start the verification process.
  • Once you enter the phone number you may get the text message with four digit code to the phone number you have given.
  • After the phone number is verified a list of connected devices you can verify should appear.
  • Now click on verify next to device you’d like to trust in case you need to use them for two-step verification in future. After completion of verifying all the devices click on continue.
  • The screen page gives you your Recovery Key which you’ll need to either print out or write down.
  • Click Continue and then verify it by typing it out on the next screen. You won’t be able to continue until you confirm you know the code.
  • Confirm it to continue further process.
  • Click the check box to confirm you understand what you need in order to complete two-step verification should you forget your password.
  • Now click to enable two-step verification, once you click you will get the confirmation that two-step verification is enable and click done.

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