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In exclusive interview, Doom Creator John Carmack talks about Steve Jobs

John Carmack, who is best recognized for his work on iconic games that involves Quake and Wolfenstein 3D games used  Facebook to share details on communications with Steve Jobs.

Carmack gave amazing details of Jobs’ views on gaming, what it was like working with Jobs, and how it felt like to worked in one of the Jobs’ famous keynotes.

He first communicated with Jobs when Jobs was yet at NeXT as Carmack required to add a “Developed on NeXT computers” logo to the new Doom game. The request he made was initially denied but after some time Jobs changed his mind. Doom never added a made on NeXT label but Carmack did move on to work with Jobs on different projects.

Jobs told that Carmack didn’t seem to “think very highly of games” and appeared to wish “they weren’t as important to his platforms as they rolled out to be.” Carmack was also asked to talk about gaming requirements with Apple and ended up having a lot of debates with Jobs over the selection of OpenGL. Steve Jobs was great at talking with enough confidence about things he was just obviously wrong about.

Carmack convinced Apple to choose OpenGL, Carmack says was one of the significant secondary results on the PC industry and he settled making some keynotes with Jobs. Carmack has always said that keynotes were ever a “crazy fire drill with not enough time to do things right.”

Jobs at some point asked Carmack to do a keynote that was recorded on the day of his wedding. Where Jobs was working but asked Carmack to reschedule the event, which Carmack refused to do.

Carmack stated many now-defunct iOS games, the last was Rage for iOS, and while he had “allies” within Apple. He was “on the outs with Steve” and never over spoken with the Apple CEO.

Carmack’s entire account of working with Steve Jobs that can be seen over on Facebook is deserving reading for anyone involved in the history of Apple.