What to expect from Apple’s ‘field trip’


Apple recently released an announcement stating that there will be a special education event in Chicago. It will be held at Lane Tech College Prep High School. Considering Apple’s last education event which was held in New York City, where they released textbooks as iBooks as well as a new Mac, this event could go very well the same way. Live streaming was not a part of the last event but it could be part of this one as it is carried out in a school.

According to sources, Apple is expected to release a new developer framework called ClassKit, which is an addition to education apps that allow the evaluation of students through questionnaires which will then be sent to teachers through iCloud. Considering the iBooks being a key part of the last event, there may be an iBook Author updates for the Mac and may be even an addition to iOS. According to Apple’s promise, the charging mat and the wireless case for AirPods is also due about this time of year.The updated iOS software could also play a role in the event. iOS 11.3, tvOS 11.3, watchOS 4.3, and macOS 10.13.4 were seeded to developers recently and an official release is due.

For iBooks, new hardware that suits the purpose is also due and could be released side by side. Plenty of rumors for cheaper models would make sense for schools that are buying in bulk and have a budget. The models may cater better towards educational purposes and supporting iBooks. A cheaper iPad is in works, going down from $329 to $259. A new MacBook is also probably in works which would be a more affordable version. MacBook is already popular for education at $999 but could be more economical if it were a tad cheaper.

Other features and hardware changes will probably be saved for event down the road and WWDC will most likely be a trailer for what is to come next.

The tickets for the event will be priced at $1599. 5000 developers will be selected via a random lottery.

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Fathima Banu

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