Face ID on iPhone X does not allow verifying family transactions

Face ID on the latest Apple iPhone X causing a lot of chaos. Users are unable to authorise family transactions using Face ID setup.


Face ID on the Apple iPhone X has been in news for all worst reasons. In fact, at the time of launch, it failed when the live demo was carried out on stage in front of millions of audience worldwide and then the twins were able to fool the technology. Not only this a $200 3D printed mask was also able to fool the most advanced security system on any smartphone (period).

Recently, users are complaining that they are unable to authorise the purchases made by the family members and it is creating a lot of chaos in the multiple online portals. Apple pay is the payment system introduced by Apple, which can be used for the cashless payment in most of the countries.

The “Ask to Buy” system on the iOS works in such a way that it allows parents to control and monitor online transactions remotely. Be it an app purchase or a payment on the app store or a physical purchase on a store. Due to lack of Touch ID on the Apple iPhone X, parents are not able to authorise transactions. So, do get done with the transactions, users have to enter the password manually every time they want to authorise a transaction.

The Apple iPhone X users are facing a lot of problems with the new Face ID. To unlock the smartphone, one has to bring the smartphone parallel to the face, which might look inappropriate in the public places. Not only this, the Face ID sometimes fails to register, which forces to enter the password manually. Apple has promised to solve these issues over the year and we can expect to see a fully functional Face ID in no time and this will be updated via future software updates.

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