With Facebook’s latest feature, fans can now tip while watching live stream


Facebook has quietly added the ability to Tip Live Streamers to its iOS mobile app last week, allowing fans to support some of their favourite video game live streamers with donations.

The company first introduced tip jars for select video game live streamers in January, but at the time only permitted payment from its website. Back then the company announced what it calls the Gaming Creator pilot Program, which is designed to help Facebook compete more directly with Twitch and YouTube.

Part of that program is the tip jar for select participants, which director of games partnerships Guy Cross at the time painted as a part of a bigger emphasis on monetization for gamers who live stream their content via Facebook.

As part of extending these kinds of tips to mobile, the company had to flag its apps on Apple’s app store and Google play for the ability to allow in app purchases.

In app purchases like these are best known as a monetization mechanism for free to play mobile games, but have gained popularity across the board. iPhone users spent an average of $58 in 2017, compared to $47 in 2016.

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