How to fake out FourSquare on jailbroken iPhone


Faking the location on iOS is easier, because jailbreak application available from Cydia called FakeLocation. Whether you want to steal the Mayorship of your neighborhood hang out Foursquare, or you want to pull a prank on a friend or any thing else not a matter. This post helps you how to fake out FourSquare on jailbroken iPhone.

Requirements to fake out location :

  • Jailbroken iOS device.
  • FakeLocation app is available on Cydia where for 10 days you can get free trail version and full version charge around $3.84 USD.
  • Location based application like FourSquare or Gowalla.

Download Fake Location application and install : You can download Fake Location in Cydia store and then install the application. After installation, you need to reboot or restart your device using the button that is presented to you in Cydia.


Setting the location : Once you restart your device, you will notice a new application on your home screen for Fake Location. Open the application by tapping the icon, and then select the “Choose Fake Location” button at the bottom of the screen.


Now you will have access to set the Fake Location by dragging around map, all the crosshairs located GPS coordinates are fake. When you find that location, simply tap the blue “Set” button in the top-right corner. If you wants to reset the location then simply tap the real Location button at the bottom of the screen to be whisked away to where you are, right this second; or, tap Fake Location to be sent back to the place you were last at. When you’re finished, tap the “Close” button.

Faking an Application : When you return to main screen of the fake location application, then you will find the list of installed apps on your device. Tap the applications that you want to be included in the location fake out and the apps that are initiated will have a small check mark at the right. When you’re finished, tap the home button to return to the iOS home screen.


Apps Fooled : When you open one of the application you selected in Fake location, a small drop down from the time bar on your iOS device will alert you that you’re faking your application.

This is the how you can easily use fake location and you can use this service with a responsible manner on your iOS device with some terms and conditions especially while using the fake GPS co-ordinates.


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