Family Sharing on iOS 8 – Save money and time

Save money and time using Family Sharing on iOS 8. Share your purchases and licences with upto 6 members using Family sharing feature on iOS 8.


iOS 8 has brought a cool and awesome feature which can cut down you cost on buying the apps and games on iOS. With the Family Sharing option on iOS 8, you can share the apps purchases, music and games with your family members making it more cost-effective for you as well as for your family members or friends.

Family Sharing Feature on iOS 8

This can also be handy because you can share photo inside the network, create digital albums and share them. Another great thing about this feature is that you can keep a track of the location of people inside the network (that means if your kid is somewhere out and you are worried about the same, this feature lets you track the location of your kid at anytime).

With Family sharing feature, you can add upto 6 members into a network t share the app purchases etc.

How to Set Up Family Sharing on iOS 8

Add family member family sharing feature iOS 8

  • To set up family sharing on iOS 8, navigate to Settings > iCloud > Family > Add new member.
  • Enter the Apple ID of the person you want to add in the network.
  • Confirm the addition by either sending a confirmation link to their device or by entering their password on the same screen.
  • You can add upto 6 accounts on the family sharing feature. Once you are done with setting up the options, the settings will be automatically synced on the device of the family members as well.

Once done, all the apps purchased by any member in the family will be accessible by all the members in the network. The purchased items will be available in iTunes > Content. Well, if you have something which you do not want to share with the other members in the network, you have the option to hide that as well.

Just to go your Mac and open iTunes. In the purchases, click onto the particular item and drop that from the sharing list. Once deleted, the particular item will not be accessible by any other member of the network.

Setting up spending limit in Family Sharing on iOS 8

Family Sharing iOS8

Once the family sharing option is enabled, all the purchases done across the network would be charged using the credit card of the owner. So, if you have some kid onto the network and want to notified for every single purchase he does or to set a spending limit, head over to iCloud > Family and tap onto the member name.

Just activate the feature called Ask to Buy. Now, you will get a warning notification if that family member wants to buy anything on the network. You will have the option of wither accepting or declining the transaction.

Make a family photo album or family calendar

There are 2 more awesome features which can be very beautiful and handy. You can create family album with the photos taken by every single device on the network, along with that you can make a family calendar where you can mark the events which are accessible by all the family members.

Family Album

Share Photo Family Sharing iOS 8

To Share an image with everyone else, tap onto share button of the file, select iCloud¬†Family sharing and in the shared album scroll down and tap on the family. The image will be added to everyone’s device. The members will get a notification the moment a new item is added to the shared album.

Family Calender

Family calendar is another handy option using which you can keep a track of the activities of all the family members. Using this feature, you can add, edit and remove the events and reminders. You can also set a notification to let you know when something changes.

That’s all for this post. I hope it was useful. Stay tuned for more.

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