FCC Filing Confirms a Gold variant of iPhone X


The smartphone companies are required to share documents with United States Federal Communications Commission before releasing their devices. An unreleased iPhone X Gold model appears in a document submitted by Apple in September 2017. This document has the image of this iPhone X from multiple angles to show its features. The shade of this iPhone X is quite similar to the ones on the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.

Some reports claim that the filing was done in July but a confidential clause prevented the external images of the device from being published. The six-month clause has expired recently, according to these reports. This means that Apple had initially planned three color variants for the iPhone X viz, gold, silver, and space gray. The gold variant was probably shelved due to the production issues ahead of the release.

KGI Security Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple was experiencing some difficulties in manufacturing the “Blush Gold” model of the iPhone X. He further suggested that the Gold model might go on sale later. Reports prior to the launch also claimed that the iPhone X  will have three colored variants.

It is believed that there was some problem with the gold stainless steel body of the iPhone X as iPhone 8 which has an Aluminium frame was released in Gold color. Apple could have released the Gold version in order to boost the iPhone X sales. Kuo claimed that Apple will release the phone after solving the issue and by now they must have solved it. If it was planning to do so then it might have debuted alongside the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED.

Whether Apple releases a Gold iPhone X or not it is pretty much confirmed that the new iPhones X plus/XI which are coming up in 2018 will definitely feature a gold variant.

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