Fibit announced new firmware update for latest surge


Fibit has rolled out a new Firmware updated version and this brings better accuracy to the Fibit surge. The company describes as a super watch with 9.2 firmware latest version. GPS tracking, battery level indicator and better accuracy with steps counts and also additionally runs that are being tracked at midnight for all the night owls who sport a surge will not be tracked correctly.

Let us see the what’s new in this latest firmware update :

  • The stability of GPS increased.
  • The battery level accuracy improved.
  • This version fixed issues where runs or exercises being tracked at midnight were not displaying correctly.
  • The issue was fixed with inflated steps and calories during runs and also fixed an issue where occasionally the tracker wasn’t turning on after a shutdown.

If you’re interested from Firmware app you can download and install on your Android or iOS devices, now this is available for free of cost in App Store

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