Firefox for iOS updated with tracking protection, tab reordering, drag and drop links


Mozilla has updated the Firefox for iOS app with four new features. Both iPhone and iPad versions now follow Safari’s lead in automatically blocking websites tracking by default.

Mozilla made the announcement in a blog post:

Today, we are rolling out Tracking Protection by default for Firefox for iPhone and iPad users. It’s been a little over six months since we added Tracking protection as an option in regular browsing. With tracking protection now on by default in borh regular and private browsing mode, you can easily control which sites you want to deploy Tracking Protection for like retail sites and which ones you don’t. It’s simple just tap your menu button and you will see it listed there”.

Tracking protection is, though a mixed blessing as it means you will see random ads rather than ones which reflect your browsing history. Tailored ads are delivered by dropping a cookie on the device when you visit, a shoe store website that then tells other devices to show you ads for shoes. You can still disable the feature if desired.

The iPad version other 3 new feature updates:

1) Tab Re reording.

2) Drag and Drop links between apps.

3) More Keyboard Shortcuts.

Tab Re-ordering is a handy way to stay organized and a standard features on desktop browser. Just long press on the tab you want to move, then drag it to your desired position.

If you have two apps open side by side, you can now drag links from Firefox into the second app. Press and hold on the tab, then slide your finger to the appropriate place in the other app.

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