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Firefox updates iOS Web browser to turn tracking protection on by Default


At a time when web users are becoming more concerned about their online privacy and personal data. Today, they launched a new version of its Firefox for iOS web browser that includes Tracking Protection turned on by default. That means when you use the browser, websites won’t be able to track your activity and capture your personal information, unless you explicitly allow a given site to have that ability.

The feature was previously available in Firefox for iOS, but users would have to turn it on for themselves. Now it’s on by default, whether the browser is used in regular mode or set to private browsing mode. The latter is the even more private mode which includes both automatic ad and content blocking, and doesn’t keep a history of visited sites.

Firefox’s tracking Protection is based on the same technology that blocks ads, analytics and social media trackings that is also used by the firefox Focus content blockers on Android and iOS.

And it’s rule about trackers are based on the Disconnect blocklist which has a specific definition of tracking that’s aimed at protecting individual users data from being collection across multiple websites and then retained.

Turning on tracking protection has another benefit, too. When websites aren’t booged down with tracking scripts, they tend to load faster. And with better performing, faster loading websites, users will also save on mobile data and not drain their battery very easily.

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