How to fix notification banners getting stuck on iOS 8


So iOS 8 has been around for quite a while now and people have already started facing the issues related to the performance and other things. One of the most common issue faced by the users is the notification banner being stuck on the screen even after repetitive tries of taking that away.

Majority of iOS users reported this issue after the first and initial release of iOS 8, however, even after 2 updates, the issue still remains. I tried playing around a lot of options to get that thing working, however, there is no option in side the iOS 8 which could fix this issue.

Well, there is a temporary solution though, to make sure that the notification bar doesn’t stick onto the screen to keep disturbing you. Whenever there’s a notification on the home screen, just press the home button and the notification banner will disappear.

notification banner iOS 8

This is, however, not a permanent solution to the problem, but for now, this can surely take some tension out of your head. I will keep you posted with the solution for this problem.

Stay Tuned. 🙂

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