How to Fix Yosemite Save sheet growing too long to handle


Yosemite brings a new host of features and functionality to OS X and even some problems as well. In the problems one of the more irritating issue is causing the save screen to grown longer and longer until it scrolls right off the bottom of the screen.

Turns out it’s bug, and a pretty ugly one too, But there is no idea why Apple thought it was acceptable to let Yosemite ship with this glaring mess-up. Over at his six colors blog, Jason Snell explains what’s going on:

According to Jon Gotow of St.Clair what happened is that Apple changed the file dialogs so that the title bar is now considered to be part of the window and changed the math everywhere except in save sheets.

The trick to fixing and it involves popping open terminal and copying and pasting the command to delete the preference. To Know more about this follow the link here.

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