Fortnite For iOS generated over $1M of in-app purchases during first 3 days on the app store.


Epic games official launched its popular Fortnite game on iPhone and iPad. The game is itself free, there are a slew of in app purchases available for users.

The analytics company, citing it’s own intelligence data, says more than $1.5 million worldwide on iOS alone.

This puts fortnite miles ahead of other mobile survival games.

“Fortnite has already grossed more than $1.5 million worldwide on iOS, with $1 million of that earned during the first 72 hours after IAPs went live. This places the game well ahead of its primary rival in the burgeoning mobile survival game genre during the same post- lunch period.”

Leaving this game, Pokémon Go grossed $4.9 million during its first four days,while Clash Royale grossed $4.6 million. This puts fortnite at about one third the gross earning of those titles.

Fortnite is still invite only. While invite seems to be rolling at relatively quick rate, there are still users waiting.

Fortnite launched in the app store last Thursday to excitement from games everywhere. The game is widely popular on PC. The iOS version of game supports for Cross-play, meaning users on iPhone and iPad against their console friends.

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